My Life Story

  1. Grew up in a small town in Alabama.
  2. Played soccer. Was president of my high school. Worked hard.
  3. Went to Harvard. Studied statistics & machine learning.
  4. In college, travelled to all 50 states and 100 countries (set a world record).
  5. Got a job at Facebook.
  6. Spent two years building AI for VR headsets and AR glasses. Then left.
  7. Spent a year in isolation. Became religious. Wrote a 35,000-word manifesto.
  8. TBD. Exploring new projects. Very bullish on YouTube.

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(Various analyses related to YouTube)

The Meaning of Life

Spent 15 months in isolation trying to answer some of life's deeper questions.

Explained in an 8-part series: