My Life Story

  1. Grew up in a small town in Alabama.
  2. Played soccer. Was president of my high school. Worked hard.
  3. Went to Harvard. Studied data science.
  4. In college, travelled to all 50 states and 100 countries (set a world record).
  5. Got a job at Meta. Led the data science team for wearable hardware.
  6. Launched Ray-Ban Stories, Quest 2, and Quest Pro. Then left.
  7. Spent 15 months in isolation. Wrote a 100 page manifesto.
  8. Put on 14 lbs of muscle and dropped to 9% body fat.
  9. TBD. Exploring new projects.

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My Manifesto

Spent 15 months in isolation trying to find the meaning of life.

Explained in an 8-part series: